Largo do Cardal, 3100-440 Pombal, Portugal | Tel. (+351) 236 200 220 | Fax. (+351) 236 200 220|
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Location & Contacts

The Cardal Hotel has an excellent localization in the city center of Pombal, between Lisbon (171 km) and Porto (162 km).

The central location of Pombal allows an easy access to the main roads (A1, A17, IC1, IC2, IC3, and IC8) enabling the traveler to drive to the near cities of Coimbra (40km), Leiria (27km), Figueira da Foz (45km) and Fátima (40km).

If you prefer to travel by train Pombal is part of both the Alfa Route and the Intercidades Route, for more detailed info please check with CP - Portugal Trains.

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Cardal Hotel
Largo do Cardal
3100-440 Pombal

Tel: + 351 236 200 220
Fax: + 351 236 200 225

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latitude: 39º 54' 55. 74" N
Longitude : 8º 37' 40.31"W

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